GGG vs Canelo 2 Fight date, start time, Live Stream, PPV and Odds

Boxing fans who viewed the match between Canelo Alvarez, a 28-year-old professional boxer from Mexico and Gennady Golovkin, a 36-year-old professional boxer from Kazakhstan would be waiting anxiously for GGG vs Canelo 2.

ggg vs canelo 2

Golovkin vs. Canelo would be an interesting view and audience would be interested in the various options for GGG vs Canelo 2 live stream. It is always interesting to watch such a match as the audience is seeking who would be the final winner. There are different opinions and people would wish for their favorite to be the winner.

Fight Date: The fight date for this particular match is set to be September 15, 2018. The date is quite near and people are waiting for the match anxiously. There has been a cancellation in past, which lead to this date. Who knows who would be the winner and be ready to find out on the 15th of this month

Start Time: The start time for this particular fight is 8 PM ET/5 PM PT. Fans are living in different corners of the world and hence based on their specific location, they should calculate the time. For example, there is a time zone difference between Australia and other countries of the world and hence, Australian fans should keep the time zone in mind in order to enjoy the match between the two professional boxers or it would be better to say a rematch between the two.

Live Stream: Gone are those when people would rely simply on television screens and cable TV to watch a particular match as now they can view their favorite sports and matches through a variety of options. However, for this particular fight keep in mind that the most suitable option is HBO Pay-Per-View and there is tons of information, which is available online. It would be wise to visit the official website and find out about PPV and Odds.

Last year there was a match between the two professional boxers and again they are set for the coming fight, keeping in view prices of last year the following information would be useful:

  • The charges by HBO for the HBO Boxing live pay-per-view were $79.99 last year. This included the undercard as well. These prices were for the viewers of the United States. It would be wise to visit the official website and search for the updated rates each time. One might not know about the deals or promotions if there are any available on the website. Keeping an eye on the official websites would always be beneficial to an individual would be able to grab tons of information.
  • The charges by BoxNation, for the live pay-per-view were £16.95 and this was for the viewers of UK. It is always wise to check the official website and check the updated rates. There is tons of information, which is available on the website and there are reviews, which one can also find by simple search.
  • Viewers also have the option to Stream online through RingTV or for a price of $79.99 and the viewer would get languages as English and Spanish.
  • There was SlingTV option available for the viewers. It was also at the price of $79.99 and languages available were English and Spanish.

It is always wise to visit the relevant website and seek for the updated information because who knows what can change and there could be chances of some packages or deals.

Final Words

An individual should go for the option, which is most suitable for them and decide accordingly. It is also a good idea to ask the friends and family members on which option they have been using and what the price is. Colleagues can be of help too. For those who cannot afford at all, there are always good friends and family members for the support who can visit the house for small friends or family reunion while watching the amazing rematch together and enjoying a Pizza together or some snacks. Technology has enabled the users of the modern age to view their favorite matches on the smart devices; however, it is wise to get information from the official website whether a certain package is compatible for smartphones or not.